Married at Eliceto

Are you looking for a suitable location to organise your wedding?

Do you need to put together a family celebration in a unique and refined environment with high-quality service?

Do you need to organise a convention or meeting and want to welcome the participants in a really special place?

The Eliceto Resort in Buccino has all that it takes to amaze everyone with its beautiful architecture, wide open and well-equipped spaces for holding special events. It gives your guests the possibility of experiencing an event in an atmosphere of bygone times thanks to the history that is contained in the walls of the Eliceto Resort and the surrounding area. From being the Caracciolo family’s hunting lodge to its current use as a resort with pool, ideal for important meetings, events and conventions, thanks to the professional services of its staff, then the Eliceto Resort is for you.

If you wish to put your guests up for a few days, you also have the possibility of letting them discover the beautiful places that the Province of Salerno offers, maybe slightly different from the usual tourist itineraries.

It may seem strange but it is often the atmosphere and the context which makes an event more successful. If you need your participants to feel more involved in your convention or work meeting, then visit the Eliceto Resort and discover that it is the ideal place for an event which will provide significant results, both for those who organise it as well as the participants.

Its wonderful location, the opportunity to make use of large interior and exterior spaces as well as the high-quality service that only a resort can provide, these constitute the winning formula that makes the Eliceto Resort the place that you were looking for, that ‘unique’ place where you can live your event and make it unforgettable.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

Rachel Zoe