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24 February 2017
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2 March 2017

Visit the Cilento

A break at the Eliceto Resort is the best way to visit the Cilento.

The geographical position of the Eliceto Resort, enables all our guests, tourists or otherwise, to travel comfortably to the most popular places on the Cilento coast.

But to visit the Cilento does not just mean the seaside, the coast or spending night in clubs and discos.

Having the Eliceto Resort as your point of departure means you can choose to visit a different place each day in the Cilento and Diano Valley National Park and give your holiday a particular significance.

For example, have you ever thought of taking part in a historical reconstruction?
In fact, it is easy to reach Teggiano and find yourself back in the Middle Ages taking part in games and sampling typical dishes of the period in an area that was dominated by the Sanseverino family.

To Visit the Cilento is surprising!

If we wish to remain in the key of alternative daily visits, you can also experience natural beauty from another point of view – by visiting caves!

You will be enchanted by the Pertosa Caves where it is possible to enter caves formed by water erosion and explore them by boat along a subterranean river.

It is a wonderful experience and presents no difficulties, on the contrary it leaves visitors of all ages amazed and open-mouthed.

If you like the idea of venturing along more demanding trails you can go to the Castelcivita Caves.

You will only have to choose whether to book the tourist itinerary or the cave-lover itinerary and you will find yourself I a fascinating world – that of the evolution of the earth and changes in the local territory.

We also mention the theatre performances which take place in the decorated caves.

You will experience being a spectator in scenery from fable but where reality overcomes imagination.

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