The spa

The Eliceto Resort in Buccino, allows it guests the possibility of taking the waters at a spa.

Thanks to its strategic position, it is possible to reach the well-known spa town of Contursi Terme in a short time, combining thus, business and pleasure.

The Capasso and Rosapepe spa centres, with their long history and certified experience in therapeutical treatments, are happy to welcome guests from the Eliceto Resort for consultation, help or simply for providing anyone who is interested with a day in modern but welcoming and comfortable structures.

The Capasso and Rosapepe spa centres, with their parklands containing thermal pools on different levels, guarantee valuable benefits for chronic vascular problems while their water, at a natural temperature of 42°, is useful treating respiratory and genealogical problems.

The high mineral content of the water that springs from the Capasso and Rosapepe spa installations, renders the thermal mud a white colour which can be put to immediate use for therapeutical and cosmetic ends.

Do not think that a holiday in a spa can be boring !

The Capasso and Rosapepe spa centres are regularly visited by young clients and it is precisely for this reason that these centres organise water games, DJ sets, parties and themed events! The close collaboration between the Eliceto Resort and the Capasso and Rosapepe spa centres is such as to satisfy any of our guests’ needs for a marvellous holiday devoted to their wellbeing!