Leisure activities and services at the Resort

Alento River Oasis
23 May 2017

Leisure activities and services at the Resort

Having spent a few days beside the pool, you might be thinking about exploring the surrounding area. If this is the case then the staff of Eliceto Resort have some great ideas for you. Accompanied by qualified personnel, you can take part in excursions on horseback, organised for the guests of the Resort.

Riding along the most popular trails, you will discover the natural beauty that surrounds the Eliceto Resort.

There will be those who maybe are going through a rough period and here at the Eliceto Resort in Buccino they may find a suitable solution by going trekking along demanding trails in an uncontaminated environment and maybe find some perspective to their problems.

The staff of the Eliceto Resort offers a wide range of activities!

However, there are also those who like organising a weekend devoted to games for children and/or students and once again it is here at the Eliceto Resort that it is possible to achieve this aim. You can find out about the benefits of pet therapy, spending time with animals and taking care of them or go for group cycle outings with a sense of freedom that is difficult to find elsewhere. There are also horse-riding excursions organised for children and youngsters who might never have done this before.

If though you like the idea of being accompanied on a perfectly organised tour, at the Eliceto Resort you have many choice. You can choose from interesting itineraries to discover the Cilento without the stress of having to drive or choose your own itineraries.

There is always someone working for you!

You will find organised tours to visit the Amalfi Coast and its most beautiful places!
You will find a wide range of boat trips to beaches that can only be reached by sea.
At the Eliceto Resort, in Buccino, there is an answer to your every whim and need!

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