The Donna Lule’ agricultural holding

This is an occasion not to be missed! A visit to the Donna Lulè agricultural holding is almost compulsory for theguests of the Eliceto Resort.

However, this sense of obligation soon gives way to enormous pleasure when you always discover something more about the Eliceto Resort, about its history, its tradition and why nowadays it is able to offer its guests high quality products and consequently high-quality service provided by its staff.

The Donna Lulè agricultural holding occupies a beautiful 18-hectare parcel of land near Buccino and is a simple continuation, in a modern context, of the historical tradition of landowning by the Caracciolo del Leone family.

The Donna Lulè agricultural holding is the exclusive supplier of produce for the Eliceto Resort, it couldn’t be closer!

Its centuries-old, natural experience of farming the land only reinforced the idea of devoting the land to the production of oil with its beneficial properties and to the production of the “Rocce Saracene” white wine and the “Glauco” red wine. In addition, vegetables are also cultivated with organic farming techniques, with respect to its history as a rural estate in “Volcei” – the Roman name for Buccino.

The Donna Lulè agricultural holding also raises farmyard animals, feeding them with natural feed and letting them live in the open. Young sheep and goats are also raised.

So, a visit to the Donna Lulè agricultural holding means discovering one of the most important things of all: the origin of the food that is prepared and served at the Eliceto Resort with a menu based on the motto “seen and eaten”.