Alento River Oasis

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2 March 2017
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24 May 2017

Alento River Oasis

To choose the Eliceto Resort is the right thing if you wish to spend an enjoyable day at the Alento River Oasis.
Situated in the Cilento National Park, the Oasis aims to safeguard biodiversity thanks to important conservation activity.

It is the ideal place to spend a day in absolute freedom.

Are you undecided about going to the beach, risking traffic jams and knowing the beach will be crowded?
Are you a bit tired and not in the mood for walking around mountain villages which are a bit difficult to reach?
Are your children bored with traipsing after you on food and wine trails?

Do not fear! Departing form the Eliceto Resort you run no risk of getting stuck in long lines of traffic to reach the Alento River Oasis.
You might even think that it is not worth going because it is getting a bit late.
And you would be wrong because the Oasis may stay open until  midnight!

Everything is perfectly organised for visitors of all ages.
There are picnic areas where you can book a table and light a barbecue, green parkland with a bar and restaurant, and play areas to enjoy the day with very little effort required.

At the Alento River you can immerse yourself in nature thanks to the well-signposted pathways designed for short walks or you can venture onto other pathways which flank the lake or better still, take a pleasant trip in a boat.

Why not test yourself and book some archery lessons?
Or race against your children on mountain bikes?
Too strenuous?

There is nothing better than a horse ride to see the Oasis from another vantage point.
But if you like just being calm and enjoying the hypnotic movement of water, then fishing is the thing for you!

And after spending such a pleasant day, there is nothing better than going back to the Eliceto Resort!

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